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Images from our efforts in South Sudan.

Former slaves see their reflection for the first time

During a trip to South Sudan in the Spring of 2013, two medical students at St. George’s School of Medicine noticed that during photo documentation that the adults had an high interest in seeing their photos in the camera screen.  We often see this with children but not adults. The two students, Cholene Espinoza and Brian Beckord asked if the returning slaves had ever seen their image. Aproximately half had seen themselves in the water. The following trip, we took a mirror and showed the women their image. On a subsequent trip we gave them a Polaroid photo of themselves. This is the first time any of these slaves/returnees had seen a photo of themselves.



For women in our PTSD/Heart project we know that a photo can make a huge difference. One of the women told us that when she started to make money and then brought home a photo her husband started to treat her differently, with more respect.


Donations to the mirror project will be used for purchasing Polaroid Film in the USA, mirrors in South Sudan and follow-up research to find out the impact of seeing self.


The purpose of Mirror Image Intervention: To assess self image and resilience in the traumatized people of South Sudan before and after exposure to visual image of self with the goal being to fortify dignity in those living with the scars of war and chronic disease.


Click here to make a donation to help us continue the Mirrors Project and help liberate slaves in South Sudan.
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Health In South Sudan

Recently, in March of 2013, Goats for the Old Goat took five physicians and two medical students to determine the health needs and conditions of slaves returning to South Sudan from Sudan.

Although the findings are currently being reviewed, it appears that a lack of protein in their diets is causing many medical problems for the emancipated slaves.

Through donations from individuals and St. George’s Medical School in Grenada, Goats for the Old Goat is helping support the clinic of Dr. Luka Deng Kur, and is holding interventions for returning slaves who have been injured or are recovering from malaria and other diseases.

In addition, Goats for the Old Goat is now focused on developing micro-enterprise businesses for women who have no visible means of support, as well as people debilitated by polio who can do simple tasks such as woodworking, making beds and crosses and planting rice.

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GFTOG on Fox and Friends!!

Did you miss catching Ellen Ratner and her goats on the Fox News Channel this morning? Well, here’s your chance to see the video!


We appreciate the generosity of Fox News viewers, and everyone else who has contributed. Please spread the word to help feed the South Sudanese.

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We are finally up!

Goats for the Old Goat begins today! We have delivered goats to the women who breathe and to most of the people with Polio. Some of the she goats have already had kids. They are very cute! Now we are developing the farm and the dung will be given to the villagers as this is the rainy, planting season.

By Ellen Ratner, the Old Goat

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