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Murder, Rape, Beatings, Enslavement, Hunger, Female Genital Mutilation — such horrors have been common place in war-torn Sudan for decades. Most Southern Sudanese women carry the heavy burden of such memories, either as witnesses or as victims.

Chronic depression, fear, sleeplessness, headaches, nightmares and alienation from loved ones are the all too frequent consequences. Competent professional mental health counseling for traumatized people is virtually non-existent in South Sudan.

Every one of the women in the breathing and beading group has a story. Abuk ran and was hiding when she heard two of her sisters and two brothers shot and killed. Ayak’s mother was sliced in front of her. Agul saw four people killed in front of her including a brother-in-law who she loved dearly. Most of the women saw their villages burned and people taken to slavery in the North or killed.

But there is hope. Relief from the oppressive symptoms of trauma can be achieved through the tension and relaxation produced by the regular practice of breathing exercises. They are simple and can be performed by almost everyone, almost everywhere.

Purchasing a survivor heart is more than just empowering a woman in South Sudan. It’s empowering a woman who has lived through all of the brutalities of war and lived to tell the tale. It’s empowering a woman that’s decided to take fate in her own hands and charge forward with her life. It’s empowering the children that she is raising to become the future leaders of South Sudan. All of our survivor heart necklaces are hand made using Swarovski glass beads and all proceeds go to support a variety of South Sudanese women’s businesses and self-sufficiency.