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Goat (one time donation)


How we spend the $60.00 for each goat:

1. Vaccine/Vet: $3.00
2. Purchase of Goat: $42.00 (varies from $40-45 dollars)
3. Transportation to recipient $4.00
4. Staff for coordination of purchase/care/accounting  $4.00
5. Food/ Care for goat until distribution $7.00

Donate one goat to help the people of Sudan.
Goats and partial goats are fully tax deductible.

How does the process work once you purchase a goat?

  • You will receive a confirmation email/receipt – immediately
  • You will receive a certificate within – 1 week
  • You will receive a photo of the recipient of your goat within – 3-6 months
  • Questions? Email

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Product Description

Donate one goat to help the people of Sudan.
All donations are fully tax deductible.


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