A Brief Introduction To Our Hunger Fighting Nubian Goats

The Nubian goats that we purchase originate from the Middle East, adapt easily to very hot environments, and have longer breeding seasons than most goats. They thrive on weeds and plants that humans can’t digest and have the highest milk-fat content of all goat breeds. In fact, one she-goat can produce over 1 liter of nutrient-rich milk every day. Goat milk is considered high quality protein, a good source for calcium and fat, and a good source of riboflavin, which is important for the body’s energy production and helps fight hunger.

We only purchase she-goats, which produce two kids every year. As the herd multiplies, excess milk is made into cheese and sold in the market. On top of that, goat manure is very good for the soil, and helps to nourish the crops following the rainy season. After their herd has sufficiently grown we buy back these goats and donate them to another village nearby, where the cycle begins anew. The villagers can use the proceeds from these transactions to invest in personal and local ventures such as education, business, or building a local medical center like the town of Majak Goi is doing.

How we spend the $75.00 for each goat:

  1. Purchase of Goat: $42.00
  2. Vaccine/Vet: $3.00
  3. Food/ Care for goat until distribution: $7.00
  4. Transportation to recipient: $4.00
  5. Onsite Staff:  $8.00
  6. Operational costs (website, travel, etc): $11.00

After You Purchase A Goat

  1. You will receive a certificate within 1 week
  2. You will receive photographic proof of delivery within 6 months

All Goat Donations Are Fully Tax Refundable!

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