NBG State, Polio Union and GEMS Development Foundation Wheelchair Distribution

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22 Wheelchairs/ bicycles were distributed to polio survivors. The recipients came from Aweil, Regina, and Majang Bai, a village in the North County.

On April 27, 2015, the State Minister of Health witnessed a wheelchair distribution to polio survivors in the town of Aweil. The project is being supported by GEMS Development Foudation in collaboration with Northern Bahr EL Ghazal State Ministry of Health (SMoH) to support polio survivors and strengthen their ability to move and earn their livelihood as stated by Hon. Minster Tong Deng, “Disability is not inability”.  He  encouraged the survivors to continue to work hard as the SMoH continues to support them.

Brief on the Polio Survivors Union Project

The project has been supported by GEMS Development Foundation in collaboration with SMoH. The polio survivors in the NBG state were organized with a formal Committee structure where there is a Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary and Finance person. The union is very instrumental in conducting polio campaigns and national immunization days. They specifically emphasize the message to mothers on the impact of the virus during launching ceremonies and the importance of immunization. The centre for wheelchair fabrication is being managed by Polio Victim Union (PVU) where they use local materials and other parts of manufactured bicycles to produce the well-designed wheelchair. The GEMS Development Foundation purchases the fabricated wheelchairs at a cost of $300 USD and then distributes them to those polio survivors who do not have wheelchairs. The money generated from the GEMS Development Foundation enables the Union to buy more materials and produce more wheelchairs

SMoH Commitment

In partnership with GEMS Development Foundation and the Polio Victim Union (PVU) in NBG State, SMoH is helping to build the strength and capacity of the Union’s wheelchair project and also to promote the idea to other development partners at the nation and international levels.  Areas of support include encouraging the Union in planning processes, improving union management, and support in buying local materials for production of the wheelchairs. Hon, Minister with polio victims members                                    Bikes ready for distributions DONATE

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