GEMS Development Foundation was established to alleviate suffering in the developing world through education, medicine, and sustainable practices. GEMS accomplishes its mission by focusing on the following four primary program objectives.

Goats: GEMS provides goats and other livestock to people in the developing world to foster basic nutritional and economic sustainability, and educates farmers on sustainable care and husbandry practices. One goat opens a world of survival and allows a family to have the safety net to pursue education and micro-business. Neighbors can work together to start small local dairies, creating sustainable businesses and breaking the cycle of hunger and extreme poverty.

Education: GEMS provides educational support to people in the developing world through direct scholarships, support for computers and educational supplies, and teacher training. Educational focus will include journalism as well as home building in the developing world, small business education, and business development for women living in the developing world.

Medicine: GEMS provides support for medical education, research and the delivery of much-needed medical services and supplies in the developing world.

Sustainability: GEMS supports sustainability in all of its programs by promoting and using models that have been proven to work to educate and support people and communities to become self-sustaining.