Ministry Of Health In NBG Support Polio Disabled Union Vocational Centre

The state Minister of Health in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Hon. Tong Deng Anei has revealed his ministerial ambitions to support the Polio Disabled Union Vocational Centre’s growth and independence by buying them wheel chairs which are locally made by the same group.

28 April 2015, By Agoth Abraham AWEIL, April 28, 2015[Gurtong] – In his handing over remarks made at the Polio Disabled Group Union’s centre [PDGU] at Malou-aweer on Monday while distributing the brand new made wheel chairs to the polio victims, the minister reiterated their commitment in supporting the disabled saying they are part of the community and that it is always in his mind to share with them the little resources his ministry mobilize for them. “We are today witnessing the distribution of 22 brand new, fixed and assembled bicycles which were made ready by the group you can see here in this vocational centre. We working hand in hand with other donors especially international humanitarian organizations operating in the state to look into their problems of making their lives easy as you can see here at what they did by themselves,” said the minister. Each bicycle costs 300 USD which is paid directly to the groups after fixing a good number of bicycles which are witnessed and distributed to the beneficiaries among the group. Under the theme ‘Disability is NOT Inability’ the group of disabled in Northern Bahr el Ghazal whose ability to perform other slight work duties like any other ordinary citizen does, have been performing their talent shows so rapidly where they luckily got external intervention for financial aiding to develop and expand their projects. Moses Kiir, the Union’s Secretary encouraged his colleagues who feel are unable to perform normal light duties urging them to join hands together with them in doing equal workloads. “I know the disabled are regarded as unable people but this not the case. As you can see now it goes to show that the disabled people as termed have abilities to perform duties like any other in the community.” Moses expressed. “In addition to our abilities, the disabled have abilities to participate in those activities like for example when it comes to sports, most of the disabled can perform sports activities while on their wheel chairs.” He added. GEMS Development Foundation is an international NGO working in partnership with NBG ministry to support disabled group as well as helping build capacity of medical personnel within the ministry. This article was originally published on DONATE

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