Wanjok, Northern Bahr el Ghaz, South Sudan

The free medical clinic helps with returning slaves and other people affected by the war. It is run by Dr. Luka Deng Kur, in the town of Wanjok, Northern Bahr el Ghaz.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal is one of the ten states of South South and is the only state that borders both the North (now Sudan) and Darfur. Because of the proximity to the North, during the two wars, it became easy to raid villages and take people as “war booty.” The medical clinic was begun by Christian Solidarity International.

Five days a week between 125 and 150 patients are seen daily.

sudan children
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Dr. Luka Deng Kur

A Shortage of Doctors

There are approximately 200 physicians for the entire country of South Sudan, for a population of ten million people.

Money is needed for medicine, and salaries of Dr. Luka and his staff. He has seen everything from Rabies (three children died this past summer as there was no medication) to Hansen’s disease ( Leprosy) and malaria, heart disease, cancer and maternal and child health.

Dr. Luka Deng Kur graduated as a Medical Doctor (M.D.) from Cairo University in 1979 and then completed training at the Khartoum Teaching Hospital. After interning in Khartoum he took a post as Medical Officer at the Wau teaching hospital in South Sudan where he completed a Residency in Surgery. Dr. Deng then went to Khartoum University where he specialized in Surgery. He was offered a scholarship in Dermatology at the University of Wales where he spent one year and also completed a three month fellowship in Sexually Transmitted Diseases at the University of London. Dr. Deng spent three months training in HIV/AIDS in Boston in 2003 at the Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospitals. He worked as a physician in Western Uganda at the Kabarole Hospital where he spent three years as the Medical Superintendent.

In 2001, while Sudan’s civil war was still raging Dr. Deng decided to return to his home country. Previously he worked as a physician for the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek. He then established his own health clinic at Mabil, near Wanyjok, where he serves a community that was devastated by slave raiding during the late civil war.

Dr. Deng is licensed by the Sudan Medical Council.

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