July Update


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    Mary guthrie says

    I purchased a goat on December 18th 2017. I am still waiting to hear if a family receive that goat. I would like to be contacted with an update. Thank you

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      Sharon Edwards says

      Hi Mary!

      Thank you for reaching out! Things have been chaotic lately, and I’m sorry that we have not communicated as well as we ought to have. Our delivery of the goats is taking longer than expected. We flew out to South Sudan in May to work with government leaders, tribal chiefs, and our local volunteers in an effort to speed things up. Right now we have about 2000 goats pending delivery, including yours and are delivering only about 200 a month. This is far below our typical delivery of 1000 a month. We met this week to discuss some possible workarounds to our current circumstances. We have a few solutions in mind and hope to implement them as soon as possible.

      Many NGOs are leaving South Sudan due to the chaotic circumstances but at the GEMS development foundation we have hope that all things can be overcome. We hope that you will continue to be patient with us as we move forward. We promise that your goat will be delivered, and if it it not we will give you a full refund upon request.

      Best wishes,

      Codi Peterson

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