Health In South Sudan

Recently, in March of 2013, Goats for the Old Goat took five physicians and two medical students to determine the health needs and conditions of slaves returning to South Sudan from Sudan. Although the findings are currently being reviewed, it appears that a lack of protein in their diets is causing many medical problems for the emancipated slaves. Through donations from individuals and St. George’s Medical School in Grenada, Goats for the Old Goat is helping support the clinic of Dr. Luka Deng Kur, and is holding interventions for returning slaves who have been injured or are recovering from malaria and other diseases. In addition, Goats for the Old Goat is now focused on developing micro-enterprise businesses for women who have no visible means of support, as well as people debilitated by polio who can do simple tasks such as woodworking, making beds and crosses and planting rice. DONATE

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