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In 2018 we successfully delivered 3,064 goats!!!

Nubian goats provide up to a liter of milk a day and small business opportunities for thousands of people in Sudan, even in the harshest conditions. While many NGO’s have decided to pull out of South Sudan due to the mounting political, economic, and civil struggles the country is facing, the GEMS Development Foundation remains firm in our commitment to raising money and awareness to fight hunger in South Sudan. Our volunteers have faced down corrupt government officials and tribal leaders with immense bravery. They have traveled hours in the sweltering sun to far out villages in need of help without the luxury of roads. Stateside we have worked in Washington and with the U.N. to facilitate travel and delivery of the funds. In May our whole team went down and met with the government officials and tribal leaders to see how we can make this process better. They were surprised by our dedication and reported that our efforts have led to great results among their people. Entire towns have been nourished, nearly entirely eliminating the tell-tale signs of malnutrition (reddening hair, yellowing eyes, etc). In Aweil, nearly every polio survivor has a wheelchair and no longer has to walk around on their hands. We recognize that our progress has been slow. Sometimes, it can take us up to a year to facilitate the delivery of individual donors’ goats. But they continue to get to the people who need them most, notwithstanding the overwhelming obstacles. Help us continue to defy the odds by donating another goat to a family in South Sudan this holiday season. Best regards, The GEMS Development Team
Ellen Ratner – Founder
Darrin Peterson – President
Codi Peterson – Operations
Luka Garang: On-Site Coordinator
Angelo Thiik – On-Site Coordinator
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    Diane Price says

    I ordered a bag of sorghum on 12/7/19 order number 12775. But on the receipt it said it was shipping to my address. I want it to go where it is needed not to my house. Please help me change the destination

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