2017 Progress Report

Dearest Donors, This has been a landmark year for our organization. Here are some highlights of our work in 2017 for the people of South Sudan.
  • 3,209 Goats (We donated our 10,000th goat ever!)
  • 87 Bags of Sorghum
  • 24 Wheelchairs
  • 15 Teacher Bikes
  • $224,032.00 in Total Donations
This is twice as much as what we accomplished last year! We are so excited about the impact that we have been able to make with your help. It is amazing to return to these villages and see how the people have benefited physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is BECAUSE OF YOU that this is possible. We pray that 2018 will continue to be a year of blessings for you and for the people of South Sudan. Keep up the good work everyone. We hope you will think of us in the future.  In addition to goats, you can donate for a wheelchair, purchase a “Survivors’ Heart” to help the women of South Sudan, or make a general donation to support our programs there.  Whatever you can do, and for what you have done, we are most appreciative! Yours Truly, The GEMS Development Foundation  

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