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By Andrew Wilson, Graham Smith, Vivien Law, Annette Bohr, Edward Allworth

ISBN-10: 0521599687

ISBN-13: 9780521599689

The emergence in 1991 of the fourteen borderland post-Soviet states has been followed via the reforging in their nationwide identities. Such makes an attempt to reconsider or reimagine the kingdom have had a big impression in reshaping the political, cultural and social lives of either nationwide and ethnic minority teams alike. This publication analyzes those nationwide identities and explores their effects for the borderland states, with noticeable stories drawn from the Baltic states, Ukraine and Belarus, Transcaucasia and crucial Asia.

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004 Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2012 National history and identity in Ukraine and Belarus 31 invert traditional Russian historiography by claiming the entire tradition of Rus' as their own, Belarusians have challenged the conception of Rus' as a centralised state and argued that the north-western territories inhabited by the Krivichians were autonomous and in a more or less constant state of warfare with Kiev. Both, however, seek to refute the myth prevalent in tsarist and Soviet times that all three east Slavic peoples were originally one (the different versions of this myth are examined in greater detail in the section on Russophile historiography below, p.

47 In a number of such instances, it has been the pre-existing local Communist Party which has acted as a basis for ethnic mobilisation, as in the Donbas (Ukraine) and, in the period before it was formally banned, also in the Russophone enclaves of south-east Latvia (Latgallia) and in north-east Estonia. g. Crimean Tatars, Abkhazians). Due to the absence of a state patron, the organisational, material and symbolic resources available are therefore either more limited or non-existent, which makes such ethnoregional groupings more likely victims of a potentially nationalising state.

The local version of Ukrainian and Belarusian history National history has a much longer pedigree in Ukraine than in Belarus. In Belarus, despite limited work by a handful of predecessors,9 the first truly 'national' historians were Vatslau Lastouski (1883-1938) and Usevalad Ihnatouski (1881-1931),10 although even Ihnatouski has been criticised for his Marxist-influenced approach and for his failure to carry the narrative of separate Belarusian development past the Union of Lublin in 1569 (see p.

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