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The present title of the Commission was adopted in 1993; it was originally known as the Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council, and later, as the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission (IPFC). The Asia-Pacific area, including inland waters, falls within the competence of the Commission. Membership includes ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH EAST ASIAN NATIONS some 20 countries, among them France, the UK and the USA The Commission promotes the full and proper utilization of living aquatic resources by the development and management of fishing and culture operations, and by the development of related processing and marketing activities.

In replacement of the existing Special Funds, a new mechanism, the Asian Development Fund (ADF), was established in June 197 4 for the administration of resources available for concessional loans. The initial mobilization of ADF resources (known as ADF I), intended to finance concessional lending up to the end of 1975, was followed by a replenishment (ADF II) of $809 million for 1976-8; a second replenishment (ADF Ill) of $2150 million for 1979-82; a third replenishment (ADF IV) of $3214 million for 1983-6; a fourth replenishment (ADF V) of $3600 million for 1987-90; and a fifth replenishment (ADF VI) of $4200 million for 1992-5.

London, 1989); H. C. Rieger, 'Regional Economic Co-operation in the Asia-Pacific Region', Asia-Pacific Economic Literature, 2 (1989), 5-33 BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETILEMENTS B Bank for International Settlements (BIS) The Bank, established to promote co-operation among central banks, is one of the oldest multilateral financial institutions in the world. Origin and development Although the first proposals to institutionalize cooperation among central banks date back to the late nineteenth century, the creation of the Bank resulted from conferences held in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 1929 and 1930 to settle the question of German reparations.

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