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Dictionary of Magic through Harry E. Wedeck deals a vast realizing of the sphere of witchcraft, the occult, and its many manifestations, from early Babylonian instances to the current day. It contains wisdom of phrases during this quarter from many continents and practices. It additionally discusses and analyzes occult practices and striking wizards and demographers.

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Annapurna is one of the names of Kali, the female aspect of Siva. ANNUNAKI In Babylonian religion, the judges of the dead. They lived in the underworld. See Anunnaki. ANSHAR The mingling of Apsu and Tiamat, according to the Epic of Gilgamesh, produced first Lahmu and Lahamu, then Anshar and Kishar. Anshar was the father of the sky god, Anu. In the Akkadian myth of creation, one of a second set of twins born to Apsu and Tiamat. From Anshar’s union with Kishar, the other twin, came Anu, a son who is depicted as the yoke of the wagon star, thought to be Polaris.

ABYDOS The ancient holy city of Osiris, god of the dead. It lies two hundred miles north of Luxor and was the sanctuary of an even older mortuary god before Osiris came to dwell there. Kings delighted to honor the place, and people came from all over Egypt to lay their bones in its sanctified ground, hoping thereby to win greater glory in the next world. The exact location of the tomb of Osiris was known to the devout. ABYSS In Egyptian religion, the Abyss was a descriptive name for the underworld of the dead.

Among the Romans, astrology was carried to even greater lengths and greater exactitude. The entire cosmic system was put under minute observation. The orderliness of the heavenly bodies suggested to the professional astrologers the possibility of mathematical precision in forecasting human events. For the gods themselves had now become identified with the heavenly bodies. During the period of the Roman Empire, astrology exerted a powerful influence in major national policies and in the imperial decisions and decrees of the ruling emperor.

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