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In line with the growth of data in biochemistry and molecular biology, the Second Edition of this reference has been thoroughly revised and up to date, with nearly 16,000 new entries. Names of particular compounds and different ingredients were considerably enlarged, and definitions were elevated for readability and precision. info is drawn from over 500 books and 1,000 articles, together with options of the fee on Biochemical Nomenclature, the foreign Union of natural and utilized Chemistry, and the foreign Union of Biochemistry. phrases utilized by biochemists from a large variety of sciences, comparable to chemistry, immunology, genetics, virology, biophysics, and microbiology, are incorporated. Abbreviations, either usual and nonstandard, also are supplied, in addition to cross-referenced synonymous expressions.

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Exceptionally: 例外地. exquisite: 绝妙, 优美的, 讲究, 玲珑. faultless: 无缺点的. feverish: 发烧的. frankness: 坦白. intercourse: 性交. luxuriance: 繁茂. naive: 幼稚, 天真的, 天真. peculiarly: 奇特地. relieve: 解除, 救济, 减轻, 解脱. sincerity: 真挚, 诚意, 真诚. softness: 柔和. strained: 紧张, 紧张的. strangeness: 陌生. tact: 机智. tinted: 色彩. trifling: 些许, 不重要的. uncanny: 神秘的, 可怕的. vitality: 生命力, 活力, 精神, 朝气, 生机. womanhood: 女姓. 30 Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887 Edith Leete took little part in the conversation, but when several times the magnetism of her beauty drew my glance to her face, I found her eyes fixed on me with an absorbed intensity, almost like fascination.

Begins: 开始. committed: 待发. demand: 要求. discharged: 放行, 卸货. ease: 缓解, 减轻, 容易, 悠, 舒适. fifteenth: 第十五. flag: 旗帜, 旗子, 国旗. forty-five: 四十五, 四十五个. honorably: 受尊敬地, 体面地. industrial: 产业, 工业. liable: 容易, 有责任, 应负责任的. maturity: 到期. rarely: 稀少, 稀少地. reached: 到达. reaches: 到达. reckon: 估计, 计算. relaxation: 松弛, 弛豫. remains: 遗体, 残骸, 剩余物. sacred: 神圣, 神圣的. save: 节约, 节省, 省得, 救, 援救, 挽救, 保存. sudden: 突然, 急剧, 突然的. terminating: 终止. twenty-one: 二十一. whence: 何以, 何处, 从何处. workshops: 车间. youth: 青年, 青春. Edward Bellamy 43 CHAPTER 7 “It%is after you have mustered your industrial army into service,” I said, “that I should expect the chief difficulty to arise, for there its analogy with a military army must cease.

If any particular occupation is in itself so arduous or so oppressive that, in order to induce volunteers, the day’s work in it had to be reduced to ten minutes, it would be done. If, even then, no man was willing to do it, it would remain undone. But of course, in point of fact, a moderate reduction in the hours of labor, or addition of other privileges, suffices to secure all needed volunteers for any occupation necessary to men. If, indeed, the unavoidable difficulties and dangers of such a necessary pursuit were so great that no inducement of compensating advantages would overcome men’s repugnance to it, the administration would only need to take it out of the common order of occupations by declaring it `extra hazardous,’ and those who pursued it especially worthy of the national gratitude, to be overrun with volunteers.

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