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'Gribbin takes us throughout the fundamentals along with his common expertise for accessibility and clarity' - "Sunday Times". the realm round us could be a advanced, complicated position. Earthquakes take place by surprise, inventory markets vary, climate forecasters seldom appear to get it correct - even people proceed to baffle us. How can we make feel of all of it? actually, John Gribbin finds, our doubtless random universe is de facto equipped on easy legislation of reason and impression which may clarify why, for instance, only one motor vehicle braking may cause a traffic congestion; why wild storms consequence from a mild atmospheric swap; even how we developed from the main simple fabrics. Like a zen portray, a fractal photograph or the development on a butterfly's wings, uncomplicated components shape the bedrock of a cosmopolitan complete. Synthesizing chaos and complexity idea for the puzzled, "Deep Simplicity" brilliantly illuminates the concord underlying our life.

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3) obtained for a roughness periodicity of 40 nm. This periodicity is quite consistent with the slip line spacing as obtained by surface replication of the fatigued material which yields an average spacing of 40-50 nm. Another feature, obvious from Fig. 18, is that the location of the peaks does not shift with increasing fatigue. From the absorption calculations this can only be expected if the periodicity of the slip line spacing does not change with fatigue, as previously discussed by the authors (Pardee and Buck, 1977b).

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