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Polls and election effects exhibit american citizens sharply divided on same-sex marriage, and the debate is not likely to subside every time quickly. Debating Same-Sex Marriage presents an fundamental roadmap to the continued debate. Taking a "point/counterpoint" technique, John Corvino (a thinker and fashionable homosexual suggest) and Maggie Gallagher (a nationally syndicated columnist and co-founder of the nationwide association for Marriage) discover basic questions: what's marriage for? Is sexual distinction necessary to it? Why does the govt. sanction it? What are the results of same-sex marriage for kid's welfare, for non secular freedom, and for our realizing of marriage itself? whereas the authors disagree on many issues, they percentage the subsequent conviction: simply because marriage is a crucial public establishment, this factor merits a finished, rigorous, considerate debate.

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It requires a number of other biological factors as well—such as a functioning uterus—but those are irrelevant 3 8 | D E B AT I N G S A M E  S E X M A R R I A G E to whether sex is of the “reproductive type”: the salient factor here is coitus. 47 If marriage requires procreative-type acts, and “procreative-type” means “coital,” then it indeed follows that sterile heterosexual couples can engage in procreative-type acts whereas same-sex couples cannot. But other unpalatable conclusions also follow.

But the interesting thing is that he defines it as “above all . . a lasting personal union . . ” Perhaps he was distracted when he wrote this. Perhaps the Radical Gay Agenda had begun to infiltrate the Vatican. Or perhaps the pope realized what most people know: marriage is indeed a lasting personal union based on love—which is not to say that it is only that. As I said above— and it bears repeating—any pithy definition of marriage will be partial and imperfect. The theologian’s perspective will be different from the anthropologist’s, which in turn will be different from the philosopher’s, the lawyer’s, the historian’s, the family therapist’s, and so on.

Are there strictly necessary conditions for a union’s being a marriage? Yes. For instance, there must be at least two persons. ) The partners must at some time understand themselves to be married. Sexual relations between them are prima facie permissible, though not, despite the contrary claims of Blankenhorn and the new-natural-law theorists, required. Beyond those requirements, and maybe a few others, we find a host of typical features: romantic and sexual involvement, a shared domicile, mutual care and concern, the begetting and rearing of children, the intention to make the commitment lifelong and exclusive.

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