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54 Nl. 362. 1878 ±1901 23 read the books, but he became familiar with the main theories, later for instance referring to Kant's argument that international law could be built only on a federation of free nations. 55 Both thought well of it, though BuÈcher commented that the detailed examination of current conditions was more successful than the historical part, and that the whole was too long. However, he praised the way in which Stresemann had tackled the wider aspects of his theme, such as the dependence of the beer producers on the changing tastes of an urban public.

36 But if Stresemann needed support, there can be little doubt that he was the author of the new course. He brought to the task a simple view that those who were suffering from the increasing organization of some sections of the economyÐagriculture, heavy industry, and trade unionsÐshould defend themselves by the same methods. 37 To this he added the idealism of challenging a ludicrously unrepresentative power structure in the interest of ®rms whose exports were vital to Germany's future. The task suited both his talents and convictions.

56 Through his work with the Burschenschaften, however, he acquired political experience in a wider sense and greater social con®dence. There was also a signi®cant development in his political attitudes. 55 The examination records are in the UniversitaÈtsarchiv Leipzig, Phil. Fak. Prom. 853, 1±5. I owe this reference to Dr Markus Huttner, who generously also provided me with information about Stresemann's university teachers. ), VermaÈchtnis, i. 6±7. 24 ` t he c hi l d is fath e r of th e m an ' His early Left Liberalism remained in his criticism of discrimination by class and religion in government appointments, his rejection of the Conservative Party, Protestant and Catholic intolerance, and anti-Semitism.

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