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Pink Sails is a vintage event story of affection and wish within the fantastic thing about one’s goals. Written via Russia’s Alexander Grin in 1923, this brief delusion novel introduces readers to Soll, a hopeful younger woman who has been ostracized in her village. while a mysterious storyteller informs her of an enormous send with pink sails that might come for her, Soll turns into much more remoted from her pals, who view her as feeble-minded. In a shocking twist, her prophecy comes real in a such a lot unforeseen means. Grin is understood for his prolific and adept use of metaphor, and the current translation preserves and highlights this machine. purple Sails has overjoyed Russian readers for many years, yet has loved restricted publicity outdoors of Russia. the unconventional is so affecting to Russians, in truth, that every yr St. Petersburg holds a pink Sails pageant. additionally, the romance was once made right into a movie in 1961. This pleasant novel will fill readers--both adults and youngsters alike--with wish and a renewed trust within the great thing about the human spirit.

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