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Hugh Douglas isn’t delighted approximately achieving his 40th birthday. yet he will get an unforeseen current while a waiter he is familiar with, Max Pierce, flirts challenging with him on the fitness center. They prove going domestic jointly and having the most popular intercourse Hugh can take into accout… and Max even desires to stick round in a while. beginning a romance won’t be effortless. Hugh can not help yet believe his age in comparison to the a lot more youthful Max, even if Max makes Hugh suppose rejuvenated. Max is facing day-by-day doses of abuse from his alcoholic father, yet Hugh can provide help from his personal lifestyles adventure. in the event that they might help one another, it simply will be sufficient to make a existence jointly paintings.

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Inside, they were greeted by one of the servers and ushered to a table. ” she asked, and Hugh nodded. She took Max"s drink order as well and then hurried away, leaving them alone in the quiet dining room. “I come here about once a week. ” Hugh flipped through the menu and then set it aside. He already knew what he wanted to eat and was having fun just watching Max. ” Core Training | Andrew Grey 43 Max put down his menu as he shook his head lightly. “I"ve been out with lots of guys my age, and mostly I find them boring.

He knew he was being watched, and since no one was around, he dropped the towel, giving Max a bit of a show before pulling on his briefs, adjusting himself properly, and then putting on his pants and shirt. He knew he saw Max swallow as Max watched him, and Hugh smiled to himself as he finished dressing. In five minutes flat, he was dressed, packed up, and heading out toward the front door, where Max was waiting for him. ” “Just a few blocks,” Hugh answered as he watched Max lick his lips invitingly.

Max pinked and looked at the floor. “Like I"m one to talk after yesterday,” he said, chuckling lightly. ” Hugh added some more weight to the machine and sat down. Max watched the muscles work as the big man pulled the handles forward. ” Max turned around and saw Dan standing next to him. ” Dan asked, and Max found his attention divided between the handsome man talking to him and Hugh"s muscles flexing on the machine next to him. ” That always seemed to be the issue. He didn"t have a lot of bills of his own, but his dad tended to bum most of his extra money, and he never seemed to have any for himself, no matter how much he earned.

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