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34 • be related to. • be relevant to. • be situated. • be suited to. • be the property of. • be under the ownership of. • be vested in. • bear upon. • belong to. • correlate with. • feel at home. • fit in. • go together. • go with. • have (its) place. • have a place/home. • have a rightful place. • have applicability to. • have respect to. • have to do with. • linked with. • merge with. • normally exist. • not fit in. • owe allegiance to. • owe service to. • owe support to. • relate to. • take your place with.

Give forth. • go on the Stock Exchange. • go through. • go on. • grin and bear. • have an effect (on). • hold (on to). • hold up. • keep up. • make allowances for. • make known. • make public. • pass on. • prop up. • put up with (infml). • set forth. • shore up. • show forbearance towards. • stand up to. • submit to. • take on. • take in good part. • take over. beat vb –AAA. be agitated. • be better than. • be periodic. • be superior. • beat all comers. • beat black and blue. • beat hollow. • beat the drum.

Draw the line. • erect a barrier. • freeze out. • interfere with. • keep at a distance. • keep out. • lock (out). • lock in. • make illegal. • not allow. • place an embargo on. • put a price on your head. • raise the drawbridge. • shut off. • shut out. • shut the door on. • warn off. base vb –A. be based on. • be the infrastructure. • can be traced back to. • derive from. • emanate from. • give foundation. • have its origin in. • issue from. • originate in. • spring from. • stem from. • use as a basis.

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