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By Oscar L. Ortiz, Luis D. Ramirez

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During this e-book, the authors current topical learn within the research of coordination polymers and steel natural frameworks. themes mentioned comprise hybrid vanadates and steel natural frameworks; constitution and magnetic homes of mono- and poly-nuclear complexes containing Re(IV)l; steel natural framework functions within the fields of hydrogen garage and catalysis; MOF-Based mixed-matrix-membranes for business functions; coordination polymers in heterogeneous catalysis; excessive strain gasoline garage on porous solids; steel natural frameworks for CO2 catch and halogen bonding within the meeting of high-dimensional supramolecular coordination polymers.

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The (002) maximum also lost intensity progressively. According to the thermal displacements of the three strongest reflections, the crystal structure continues its contraction after the removal of the crystallization water molecules. This fact suggests that the dehydrated compound exhibits negative thermal expansion behavior. In the 200ºC to 275ºC temperature range, the diffraction patterns show a continuous loss of crystallinity of the maxima located at 2θ(º) values higher than 6º. The loss of coordinated water molecules during this temperature range generates an irreversible and strong structural transformation, and probably implies a strong structural reorganization promoting a reduction of the crystal domains, and lowering the crystallinity of the patterns.

These measurements complement the thermogravimetric studies, and give a lot of information about the thermal response of the crystal structure to the loss of solvent or coordinated species, or simply, to the increase of temperature (thermal expansion or structural transitions). The magnetic properties of hybrid vanadates are directly related to the connectivity of the metal centers through the vanadium oxides subunits and the organic ligands. Usually, the magnetic exchange is not very strong, however, there are several examples exhibiting very interesting magnetic properties, such as crystal structures that contain connected metal centers, giving rise to magnetic discrete units (dimmers) or 1D chains, or hybrid vanadates with short aromatic dipodal ligands, which favor the magnetic exchange between metal centers.

33H2O. [67]. When the ligand acts as a bridge between two or more metal centers, the A1, A2 and A3 crystal architectures are generated. The linkage between the metal centers through the organic ligand generates metal-organic chains for the A1 crystal architectures, metal-organic layers in A2-type crystal structures, and 3D metal-organic nets in A3 archetypes. Among the A1 crystal structures, four different subtypes can be distinguished, focusing on the disposition of the metal-organic chains with respect to each other and to the vanadate substructure.

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