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By J. E. H Martin

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A modified dipper. Fig. 52. A Birge cone net. 61 Fig. 53. A Birge-Ekman dredge open (left) and closed (right). The larvae of many kinds of water mites are ectoparasites of aquatic insects and mollusks. The larvae and the subsequent saclike nymphochrysalides that remain inside the larval skins are found firmly attached by their mouthparts to the integument of the appendages or the body of aquatic bugs, dragonflies, mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies. These larvae are more easily removed intact from their hosts and are more pliable when they are freshly caught or preserved in liquid than when they have been allowed to dry out and become brittle on hosts preserved in a dry state on pins.

A fifth pole of the same length supports the transparent front and is affixed horizontally between the upper ends of the two front poles. The trap is held rigid by four guy ropes attached to the upper ends of the corner poles and stretched diagonally to an anchor in the ground. Because the trap is based on the principle that insects usually fly toward light (for example, a window in a room), the trap should be located accordingly on the edge of woods, bushes, or trees in order to provide shade behind the trap.

Aspirator An aspirator is a simple suction apparatus that is used for picking up numbers of insects and arachnids or for selecting individual specimens out of a large number or off a plant. There are several designs (Figs. 31-33), but the instrument used most widely is a vial of glass or, preferably, of transparent plastic, with a close-fitting rubber stopper (Fig. 31). Two tubes pass through the stopper. A rubber tube is attached to the outer end of one of these tubes. Through this, you suck with your mouth, squeeze a suction bulb, or use some suction-producing apparatus such as a modified hair drier or vacuum cleaner.

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