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By Seymour Epstein

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The booklet offers a brand new conception of character, known as cognitive-experiential concept (CET). at the moment there are a number of character theories that appear irreconcilable with one another. CET is integrative of all different significant character theories. This integration is complete through increasing upon present easy assumptions, together with the idea that every one higher-order animals instantly build an implicit concept of fact that's helpful for adapting to their environments and that's accordingly inherently reinforcing. The approach that accomplishes this can be often called the experiential approach, because it is an empirical process that adapts by means of immediately studying from event. since it operates with out requiring awake expertise it may be considered as an adaptive subconscious process, although, this e-book unearths that the experiential approach isn't exact with an subconscious adaptive approach, and is more advantageous to that build in numerous very important respects.

Humans, in fact, additionally uniquely function with a wide awake, reasoning approach, talked about in CET as a rational process. This publication demonstrates how those structures function in parallel and impression one another in vital methods. for instance, the effect of the experiential at the rational procedure can account for why the human species, regardless of its impressive intelligence in fixing impersonal difficulties, that are customarily within the area of the rational approach, usually imagine and behave unintelligently and destructively in fixing interpersonal difficulties, that are essentially within the area of the experiential process. but, neither procedure is mostly enhanced to the opposite, and the publication discusses how every one procedure is more suitable in uniquely vital methods.

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Ralph was extremely angry,” and “Ralph’s anger knew no bounds. ” They both contain the same abstract information, but the second one evokes associations, images, and feelings. Prototypes are also of special interest because they indicate how the experiential system can generalize and reason abstractly by using concrete images to represent broad categories. Thus, an image of a sparrow can represent birds in general. The master motive of the experiential system operates by the hedonic principle, whereas the master motive of the rational system operates by the reality principle.

You are an uncivilized brute, and you will probably do it again when you are released. ” Other women became increasingly angry. One yelled, “You are worse than a murderer. You ought to get a death sentence. ” At this point, the psychologist interceded. He asked the women to consider what a reasonable punishment would be. He noted that if the punishment for rape were a death sentence, it would encourage rapists to murder their victims so they would not be able to bear witness. One of the women, in an emotional outburst directed at the psychologist, said, “You intellectualize everything.

Psychotherapists widely regard personally meaningful experience in or out of psychotherapy as more effective in changing maladaptive feelings and behavior than intellectual information. If intellectual information could change deeply rooted behavioral patterns, psychotherapy would be a much simpler and more rapid process.

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