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By Phil Kelly, Robin Cruddace

Demise to the fake Emperor!

Chaos area Marines are corrupt and treacherous super-warriors hell-bent on tearing aside the Imperium. notwithstanding they as soon as strode the galaxy as noble defenders of Mankind, a life of unremitting battle has pushed them to worship the gods of Chaos. those fell deities have rewarded them with arcane powers, daemonic battle marines and hellish weaponry with which to slaughter the armies of the Emperor.

Codex: Chaos house Marines is the 1st hardback Warhammer 40,000 Codex. This prime quality tome comprises 104 full-colour pages, and is sure inside of a canopy that includes dynamic paintings.

The Codex comprises info on how the Chaos house Marines got here to be the bane in their loyalist brethren, from the origins of the Horus Heresy, via to the Black Crusades and the pink direction. it is also an outline of, and ideas for, the battle-hungry forces of the Chaos area Marines, together with a gatefold reference web page. as well as the jaw-dropping art inside, there's a wonderful show off of the variety of miniatures, featuring the color schemes and iconography of the Traitor Legions and their Renegade allies.

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