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The class analysis of children and childcare is developed further elsewhere in this volume. From a Marxist class analytic standpoint, this wife in this type of household is engaged in a fundamental class process; so too is her husband. Now this form of the fundamental class process is clearly not capitalist. The husband does not buy the labor power of the wife by paying her wages, no exchange of commodities occurs between them, nor does he sell on the market as commodities the household use-values she produces.

Men and women also may share supervisory power in the household, just as they may share home ownership. The sharing of power or property does not necessarily lead to a rejection or even a questioning of the continued existence of feudal exploitation inside households. Whether it does will depend on the entire social context in which the power or property ownership occurs. The male also distributes portions of the household’s feudal surplus appropriated from his wife to people outside the household.

The economic conditions of existence refer to the processes of producing and distributing goods and services. S. Census 2004) women will be more likely to accept feudal class 28 A Marxist–Feminist Analysis of the Household positions inside households. The commodity exchange processes outside the household then promote a different kind of exchange inside the household: women’s indirect benefits from higher male paychecks in exchange for their production of household surplus labor for men. Surplus labor appropriated by the husband is distributed by him (in labor service, product, or money forms) to accomplish a number of nonclass processes needed to secure the reproduction of the household’s feudal class structure (assuming such reproduction is his goal).

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