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1977). In "Biochemistry of Membrane Transport (Semenza, G. and Carafoli, E. ), FEBS-Symposium No. 352. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York. CATION FLUX ACROSS BIOMEMBRANES INTERACTION OF INORGANIC PHOSPHATE WITH Na + , K+-ATPase: EFFECT OF P^ ON THE K + DEPENDENT HYDROLYSIS OF P-NITROPHENYLPHOSPHATE1 Kazuya Taniguchi Hideaki Tazawa Terufusa Tamaki Shoichi Iida Department of Pharmacology School of Dentistry Hokkaido University Sapporo Japan I. ,1975). Treatment of K + sensitive phosphoenzyme formed from Pj_ with high concentration of Na + developed sensitivity to ADP with concomitant loss of sensitivity to K + and synthesis of ATP (Taniguchi and Post 1975).

Saturation curve of ouabain-sensitive 2 2 Na+ binding. 26 mM. 2 nmol-mg"l. e. the ouabain-insensitive 2 2 N a + binding plus unbound 2 2 N a + contained in the water space of the precipitate, (·) was also plotted. Fig. 4. Scatchard type plot of ouabain-sensitive 2 2 Na+ binding. The data of ouabain-sensitive 2 2 N a + binding in Fig. 3 were plotted for Scatchard type analysis (O). 07 mM. 36 Hideo Matsui and Haruo Homareda Fig. 5. Simultaneous measurement of 22Na + binding and 4 2 K binding by titration of K+ against Na + .

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