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By Bruce McLachlan

ISBN-10: 1903931045

ISBN-13: 9781903931042

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ISBN: 1903931045
EAN: 9781903931042
ASIN: 1903931045
Publisher: Chimera Pub (Mm)
Publication Date: 2001-10-29
Number of Pages: 256
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

Synopsis from Amazon:

Mina, an agent of business espionage, is employed to enquire the secretive hidden undertaking of a strong industrialist. Following the path to undertaking Charybdis, she reveals an underwater international the place woman slaves serve the lusts of others, not able to flee as they're remodeled into latex-bound mermaids, pets, and items of carnal extra. a few are paid to be current, others are captives who've been kidnapped and forcibly proficient to serve. Having blundered into the undertaking, Mina joins the rubber-encased ranks of the deep-sea harem. There she unearths new excitement in her strict captivity as she surrenders herself to these she have been despatched to reveal, and who now topic her to unending and inventive acts of depravity.

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The flex of his hips against my ass, the pulse of his release, captured by the latex condom, warmed the fluttering muscles in my rectum, before he eased his body over mine and rolled us onto our sides. After he pulled free to dispose of the condom and retrieve a damp washcloth to wipe away the sticky residue of my climax and the lube, I expected George to help me into my robe and see me to the door. He didn’t. Unlike our past encounters, he tugged the covers over our cooling bodies, wrapped his arms around me so my breasts nestled in the damp mat of curls on his chest, and stroked his hands over my back.

Lifting his head, George searched my face as if trying to determine my mood. Pulling me close, he cupped my jaw with one hand, while the other warmed the curve of my shoulder, then skimmed downward to the dip at my waist, stopping at the base of my spine. ” I knew my expression reflected my confusion based on the grin and nod he gave me. ” Nuzzling his cheek against mine, he explained in a whisper, “After we fuck, your whole body shimmers, like Christmas tree lights in a dark room. You vibrate with life and energy.

How could he know about my curiosity? That I’d imagined purchasing one of the conical plugs and inserting it ever since my visit to the adult toy store? Even as the thoughts spun through my aroused mind, he pulled free and held himself propped over me. I watched as he reached over my clenched hands to slide the drawer of the nightstand open. His eyes searched mine, looking for a hint of refusal or hesitation. The rustling of paper and items was loud in the still room as he gathered what he needed, but the heat of his cock, moist against my belly, distracted me.

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