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By William McGowen Priestley (auth.)

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For example, the musical tones produced by plucked strings seem at first to have nothing at all to do with numbers. , because of the numbers that are naturally associated with their relative pitches. Elementary facts about music are such common knowledge today that we surely underrate their significance. , their discovery must have been astonishing. Imagine! Numbers have something to do with music! " thought Pythagoras. "Perhaps everything is number. " At least this offered a viable alternative to Thales' philosophy.

Charged with a Herculean task, gof Example 2 must take each s between 0 and 1200 and throw it to the corresponding A. The throw must be in accordance with the god-given rule 1 A = area of a rectangle of sides sand -(1200 - s). 2 Up and down his domain, g carefully moves, throwing his s's until he knows by heart where each little s is supposed to go. He is glad the gods did not ask hirn to throw - 2, or any negative number, or to throw any number exceeding 1200, because he would have no clue where the gods might want these numbers thrown.

B) Find the cost C if L is n. Hint. First note that the height ofthe container must be 12/n 2 if L is n. (c) Find an algebraic rule giving C in terms of L, and specify its domain. 19. ) Suppose that we have 120 square feet of material, out of which is to be constructed a square base and four sides of a rectangular container. ) Let L be the length of a side ofthe base. (a) If H is the height of the container, then it is true that 120 = e + 4LH. ) Solve this equation for H, to get H in terms of L.

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