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5. Simplify. 8. Each day’s production during the month fell in this interval. 8 ✓CHECKPOINT 3 Use the information in Example 3 to find the high and low production levels if, during October, the total cost of production varied from a high of $1500 to a low of $1000 per day. ■ The symbol indicates an example that uses or is derived from real-life data. 1 3. 2. com for worked-out solutions to odd-numbered exercises. In Exercises 1–10, determine whether the real number is rational or irrational. *1.

Divide out like factor. Simplify. ✓CHECKPOINT 2 Perform each indicated operation and simplify. a. x 2 ϩ x2 Ϫ 4 x Ϫ 2 b. 1 1 Ϫ 3͑x2 ϩ 2x͒ 3x ■ STUDY TIP To add more than two fractions, you must find a denominator that is common to all the fractions. For instance, to add 12, 13, and 15, use a (least) common denominator of 30 and write 1 1 1 15 10 6 ϩ ϩ ϭ ϩ ϩ 2 3 5 30 30 30 31 ϭ . 30 Write with common denominator. Add fractions. 28 CHAPTER 0 A Precalculus Review To add more than two rational expressions, use a similar procedure, as shown in Example 3.

But this is true only if the original number is nonnegative. For instance, if a ϭ 2, then Ί22 ϭ Ί4 ϭ 2 but if a ϭ Ϫ2, then Ί͑Ϫ2͒2 ϭ Ί4 ϭ 2. The reason for this is that (by definition) the square root symbol Ί denotes only the nonnegative root. 9. b a x 1. The directed distance from a to b is b Ϫ a. 2. The directed distance from b to a is a Ϫ b. b−a Խ Խ Խ Խ 3. The distance between a and b is a Ϫ b or b Ϫ a . 9, note that because b is to the right of a, the directed distance from a to b (moving to the right) is positive.

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