New PDF release: Bundles of Topological Vector Spaces and Their Duality

By Gerhard Gierz (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3540116109

ISBN-13: 9783540116103

ISBN-10: 3540394370

ISBN-13: 9783540394372

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U 3 c X, jl,j 2 s J3" and c X is o p e n , each that = x(e). J (FM4) T(U,o,e,j) on for set suppose e3 (FM3) a topology show us a topology < e}, w h e r e for to X carries such x sets ~ J such Thus, E o(p(e))) (We h a v e J3 that a base there on J space ~. (~ 3 seminorms such 3) an Moreover, {6 k - ~ o 3 c E, n T(U2,o2,s2,j an c T(U1,Ol,Ol,Jl) ~ is g i v e n . we I) define (~- Let 63 b y ok(p(e))) J3 the 63 > O and 2) an n T(U2~o2,£2,J2) ¢ J be an index formula : k = 1,2} 3k Further, use (FM3) ~.

J c I such s u m we u s e d applied property. ~n(ai(x) each is finite. e. g/2-(n+1)-continuous. ~ fi(Xo) 7~i(x O) icI satisfied. we {O}} that a' (X O) = Next, finite, ~ shows the p r o p e r t y (ii)is all {i : fi(U) ~' to U is properties AS that is l o c a l l y neighborhoods (U) of satisfy sum that (fi)i£i there is l o c a l l y is a f i n i t e if i £ J. T h e r e f o r e is a c t u a l l y finite. 9) m for all that n,m 9n+I(~' ~ ~. e. 5) proof holds. 12) Assume of that natural a sequence of we obtain X is c o m p a c t n,m.

Us norm ~ ~ < 27 w e d e f i n e of work o c E T. W e the with = T ( o ( O ) ) }. pointwise as a f u n c t i o n subspace E T becomes E z = F, a little Let so, space Moreover, o(2n) under @ ( e i~) If w e Banach {IIo(x) I1: o ~ x ~ 2 7 } be viewed e S I let E z z any contraction. space =: sup E T may let F be ~ the mapping < e. T h i s u ]2~ - PT with usual the plication with -I), PT If F = ~ 2 with the Euclidean : ET + $I norm : ET ÷ $I metric such S I is z = I. T h u s , we o(~) II can < £. e.

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