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Worm When they attack prey, you will be able to watch the grisly feeding process in detail. First, the backswimmer stabs its victim with its highly mobile and flexible beak. Then, when the prey is paralyzed or dead, you’ll see the killer start sucking out the body fluids. I’ve watched one devour a tadpole this way, the tadpole’s body slowly deflating like a balloon over an hour or so. THINGS TO LOOK FOR Sunny side up You can demonstrate exactly what it is that makes a backswimmer swim upside down by putting one in a clear container of water and, in a dark room, lighting the insect from below with a flashlight—it will flip up the right way around!

It has no eyes, no ears, no legs, no face, and no limbs of any kind. Yet this lowly creature has more ecological importance than anything else in this book, and for that reason alone it’s worth including in your collection. Worms are very easy to keep. The biggest problem is actually seeing what they’re up to because worms, being worms, will do what they’re good at—and that’s burrowing! But even if you don’t get to see much of your exhibits, you can still find out why these natural recyclers are so good at improving soil.

Molte As your li d skins t they will tle larvae grow molt and old skins will float t Mosquito o the surface. lar “instars” vae have four (larval st ages), each bigg er than the last. Stagnant green water Feeding You might think that feeding such small learn animals would be fiddly, especially when you . algae like s nism orga pic that they eat microsco it ly nate Fortu out? How do you sort all that s couldn’t be easier. All that stuff is what make n spoo is do need you all so stagnant water green, m.

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