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By Richard Durrett

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This booklet may be of curiosity to scholars of arithmetic.

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With a similar change of v we claim that J(u+,v+) ~ J(u,v). ws/blogs/ChrisRedfield CAPACITY 35 For fixed (J,(J' E (0,11") we have to compare a(u,v) = [u(8)v«(J') . I(J -2 8'1) + u( -(J)v( -8')]K ( sm + -8') + [u(8)v( -(J') + u( -(J)v(O')]K ( sin -(J 2 with a(u+,v+). In view of obvious symmetry considerations it is sufficient to consider the case in which u+(O) = u(8) and v+(O) = v( -8). It is seen that a(u+,v+) - = a(u,v) [u(O) - u( -O)][v( -0') - v(8')] [K (sin 18 -2 (11 ) - K (8 + -8')] , sin - 2 a product of three positive factors.

The reader will have no difficulty proving that d g (C I ,C 2) = (1/211") log (R 2IR I ). The conjugate extremal distance dri(C I ,C 2) is the extremal length of the family of closed curves that separate the contours, and its value is 211": log (RdRI). 4-3 THE COMPARISON PRINCIPLE The importance of extremal length derives not only from conformal invariance, but also from the fact that it is comparatively easy to find upper and lower bounds. First, any specific choice of p gives a lower bound for An(r), namely, An(r) 2 L(r,p)21 A (fl,p).

If u(z) :::;: m on 0 n Ilzl = R}, we can apply the result separately in 0 1 and O2 . If not, u will have a maximum >m on 0 n Ilzl = R}, and this is a maximum for all of O. But then u would be a constant > m and could not satisfy the boundary condition. EXAMPLE 3-1 Let 0 be the upper half plane and E a finite union of segments of the real axis. Then w(z,O,E) is 1/'11" times the total angle under which E is seen from the point z. EXAMPLE 3-2 Let 0 be a circular disk and E an arc of the circle with central angle a.

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