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By Richard Graham

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This can be a exact learn of British impression in Brazil as a topic in the higher tale of modernization. The British have been concerned at key issues within the preliminary phases of modernization. Their carry upon the import-export financial system tended to decelerate industrialization, and there have been different components within which their presence acted as a brake upon Brazilian modernization. however the British additionally fostered switch. British railways supplied basic stimulus to the expansion of espresso exports, and because the British didn't monopolize espresso construction, a wide percentage of the earnings remained in Brazilian fingers for different makes use of. moreover, the burgeoning espresso economic system shattered conventional fiscal, social and political relationships, beginning up the best way for different components of progress. The British function was once no longer restrained to fiscal improvement. additionally they contributed to the expansion of 'a glossy world-view'. Spencerianism and the belief of development, for example, weren't unique and meaningless imports, yet an essential component of the transformation Brazil used to be experiencing.

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Berenice Xavier (Rio: Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura, Servico de Documentacao, 1954), pp. 237-9. A republica, 7 Aug. 1873, quoted by Carlos Pontes, Tavares Bastos (Aureliano Candido), 1839-1875, Brasiliana, 136 (Sao Paulo: Editora Nacional, 1939), pp. 338-9. 40 The Onset of Modernization satisfied with their place in the imperial sun, they deposed the emperor without forceful opposition in 1889. Yet, paradoxically, the emperor himself was not the least of the modernizers. The man Pedro II cannot be confused with his position.

The officers had not been drawn from the landed aristocracy but from the cities, and during Table 3. Population of Selected Brazilian Municipalities, 1872-1920* Municipality Federal District Sao Paulo Salvador Recife Belem Porto Alegre Curitiba 1872 1890 1900 274,972 27,557 112,641 522,651 64,934 174,412 111,536 50,046 52,421 24,553 746,749 239,820 205,813 113,106 96,560 73,674 49,755 IOI,535 53,150 35,843 11,730 1920 1,157,873 579,033 283,422 238,843 236,402 179,263 78,986 Source: J. P. ), p. 35; Instituto Historico e Geographico Brasileiro, Diccionario historico, geographico e ethnographico do Brasil {commemorativo do primeiro centenario da independenda), 2 vols.

18 Contrasting Societies It was precisely in the early 1850s that the law schools—from which sprang the governing elite—were reorganized so as to emphasize still further the values of the traditional society. Natural law, 'prescribed to us by the Creator in the nature with which he has endowed us', was the basis of the curriculum. The belief in authority and hierarchy were emphasized by its study, and the idea of'social contract' was ruled out. The necessity of State-Church union for the sake of social stability was deeply inculcated.

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