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As the states collectively participate in the definition of which attributes and policies determine access to the Great Power club (Corbetta et al. 2011:215), the Great Power standards are in a constant state of flux and vary in their interpretations and executions Great Powers and the Drive for Status 23 (Deng 2011:80). Whereas status must always be earned through means acceptable to the existing world order, it remains subject to contestation and constant change what is considered acceptable.

Yet, norm-conform behavior harbors a different set of benefits: Conformity with role-expectations and social norms can provide social rewards like psychological well-being and a sense of belonging (Johnston 2007:79). ). Both rationalist and social–constructivist theories of international relations, however, overlook concerns about status as a motivational factor of state behavior. Status, defined as the rank or standing in the hierarchy of a group, is originally a sociobiological and social– psychological concept, developed in order to explain competitive social behavior.

Chapter Summary and Analysis: Rising Powers and Their Quest for Great Power Status As has been outlined in the previous subchapter, all states in the international society strive for status. Yet, there is a category of states that is especially yearning for international recognition and status. Rising 36 B r a z i l’ s A f r i c a S t r a t e g y Powers, as their name already indicates, are by definition dissatisfied with their status and are determined to rise in the international hierarchy (Deng 2011:92).

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Brazil’s Africa Strategy: Role Conception and the Drive for International Status by Christina Stolte (auth.)

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