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By E. Boden

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Earth-worms may carry the spores from deeper layers of the soil up to the surface. Spores have been found in bone-meal, in blood fertilisers, in wool and hides and in feeds. ) The bacillus itself is a comparatively delicate organism and easily killed by the ordinary disinfectants. Method of Infection In cattle, infection nearly always occurs by way of the mouth and alimentary system. Either the living organisms or else the spores are taken in on the food or with the drinking water. Flies can spread the disease.

The tube is passed via the mouth under a narcotic or anaesthetic, such as pentobarbital, given intravenously, and may then be used as the route for an inhalant anaesthetic mixture. g. by the tongue falling backwards), which sometimes causes death. g. it permits an unobstructed operation field during lengthy major operations, achieves better oxygenation, facilitates an even level of anaesthesia, and permits of positive pressure ventilation of the lungs in the event of respiratory failure. Endotracheal anaesthesia is administered in one of two ways.

The blood is collected by the venous system and carried back to the heart. Structure The arteries are highly elastic tubes which are capable of great dilatation with each pulsation of the heart – a dilatation which is of considerable importance in the circulation of the blood. ) Their walls are composed of 3 coats: (1) adventitious coat, consisting of ordinary strong fibrous tissue on the outside; (2) middle coat, composed of muscle fibres and elastic fibres, in separate layers in the great arteries; (3) inner coat or intima, consisting of a layer of yellow elastic tissue on whose innermost surface rests a single continuous layer of smooth, plate-like endothelial cells, within which flows the bloodstream.

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