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By Alan Moore

Batman: The Killing funny story is a one-shot superhero photograph novel written via Alan Moore and drawn by way of Brian Bolland. released by means of DC Comics in 1988, it has remained in print seeing that then, and has additionally been reprinted as a part of the exchange paperback DC Universe: The tales of Alan Moore.

The story's results at the mainstream Batman continuity integrated the capturing and paralysis of Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl) via the Joker, an occasion that laid the basis for her to strengthen the identification of Oracle, a professional desktop hacker and an essential resource of data for Batman and different superheroes (though Barbara's paralysis will be healed with the 2011 initiative the hot 52).

In 2008, DC Comics reprinted the tale in a deluxe hardcover variation [Torrent]. This Deluxe version good points new coloring through Bolland, intended to demonstrate his unique intentions for the publication, with extra somber, reasonable, and subdued colours than the unique.

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