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A. Sources of Genetic Variability . . B. Choice of Parental Material . . . C. Techniques for Handling Hybrid Populations . D. The Multiplication and Marketing of New Varieties References . . . . I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 47 50 51 53 54 55 59 61 61 62 64 67 68 70 72 72 79 83 94 96 INTRODUCTION The improvement of the varieties of any crop plant by breeding must have a wide context in terms of agricultural, processing and consumer interests if it is to benefit all who handle the particular crop.

1938). J. agric. Sci. 28, Part III, July. Levinge, Sir R. (1958). Brew. Guard. 87, 81. Russell, Sir E. J. (1950). "Soil Conditions and Plant Growth", eighth edition. , London. Russell, Sir E. , and Bishop, L. R. (1933). J. inst. Brew. 39, 88. Weaver, J. G. (1943). "Barley in the United States, A Historical Sketch". Geographical Review, New York. CHAPTER 3 The Breeding of Barley Varieties G. D . H . B E L L A N D F . G. H . L U P T O N Plant Breeding Institute, Trumpington, Cambridge, England I.

Consequently the geographical pattern in the occurrence of genes and genotypes is obviously of more than academic interest because of its indication of the significance of adaptive genetic changes. Considered on the basis of these criteria, the genus Hordeum L. shows some very characteristic features. It is one of nine genera comprising the tribe Hordeeae, which includes the two sub-tribes Triticinae and Elymineae, and is thus linked loosely with the other important genera Triticum and Secale to which belong the cultivated wheats and rye respectively.

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