Azaheterocycles Based on a,ß-Unsaturated Carbonyls by Valentin A. Chebanov, Sergey M. Desenko, Thomas W. Gurley PDF

By Valentin A. Chebanov, Sergey M. Desenko, Thomas W. Gurley

ISBN-10: 3540683615

ISBN-13: 9783540683612

ISBN-10: 3540683674

ISBN-13: 9783540683674

This monograph is dedicated to heterocyclization of aliphatic and fragrant a,ß-unsaturated carbonyls with quite a few binucleophiles. those reactions produce in part hydrogenated nitrogen-containing heterocycles which are attention-grabbing as a result of their major function in organic strategies. they are often utilized in conjunction with combinatorial excessive throughput tools that contain microwave-assisted and ultrasonic-promoted reactions. The monograph is a accomplished assessment of the recognized literature information dedicated to the reactions of a,ß-unsaturated ketones, their man made equivalents and precursor. it's meant for chemists operating within the box of experimental syntheses and theoretical investigations of nitrogen-containing heterocycles, teachers at collage and graduate students.

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Chemical properties of dihydroazirenoquinoxalines were studied in [106] and it was shown that these compounds react in numerous cycloadditions via cleavage of the C–C bond of the aziridine cycle as well. Cycloaddition reactions of dihydroazirenoquinoxalines proceed under milder conditions than those for dihydroazirenoimidazoles. 37). 37 Thermal decomposition or action of nitrobenzene gives rise to mixtures of quinoxalines 124 and diarylethylenes 125 or N-oxides 126. As well as for the case of dihydroazirenoimidazoles, reactions with a series of symmetrical dipolarophiles (such as compounds 120, 122, 127 and 130) leading to corresponding cycloadducts 129, 128, 131 and 132 have been described.

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Azaheterocycles Based on a,ß-Unsaturated Carbonyls by Valentin A. Chebanov, Sergey M. Desenko, Thomas W. Gurley

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