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By Nakao Hayashi, Elena I. Kaikina, Pavel Naumkin, Ilya A. Shishmarev

ISBN-10: 3540320598

ISBN-13: 9783540320593

Many of difficulties of the usual sciences result in nonlinear partial differential equations. although, just a couple of of them have succeeded in being solved explicitly. for that reason assorted equipment of qualitative research reminiscent of the asymptotic equipment play a crucial position. this can be the 1st publication on this planet literature giving a scientific improvement of a normal asymptotic concept for nonlinear partial differential equations with dissipation. Many standard famous equations are regarded as examples, equivalent to: nonlinear warmth equation, KdVB equation, nonlinear damped wave equation, Landau-Ginzburg equation, Sobolev kind equations, structures of equations of Boussinesq, Navier-Stokes and others.

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44) with ν = δ > 0. Also we define ˆ G0 (t) φ = F ξ→x e−tL0 (ξ) φ(ξ) = t− δ G0 (x − y) t− δ φ (y) dy, 1 1 Rn where G0 (x) = F ξ→x e−L0 (ξ) . 30. 47). Then the estimate is true G (t) φ − ϑt− δ G0 (·) t− δ n for all t ≥ 1, where ϑ = Rn 1 L∞ ≤ Ct− n+µ δ φ L1,a φ (x) dx, µ = min (a, γ) . Proof. 28 with p = ∞ and b = 0, we get n+a G (t) φ − ϑG (t) L∞ ≤ Ct− δ φ L1,a for all t ≥ 1. 47) we obtain G (t) − t− δ G0 (·) t− δ n ≤ |ξ|≤1 ≤ Ct L∞ ≤ e−tL(ξ) − e−tL0 (ξ) e−tL(ξ) − e−tL0 (ξ) dξ + e−αt|ξ| |ξ| δ |ξ|≤1 − n+γ δ ≤ Ct 1 −α 2t + Ce δ+γ dξ + ≤ Ct − n+γ δ L1 e−tL(ξ) dξ + |ξ|≥1 e−tL0 (ξ) dξ |ξ|≥1 e−αt|ξ| dξ + e−αt|ξ| dξ ν |ξ|≥1 δ |ξ|≥1 for all t ≥ 1.

44) we have for all 0 < t ≤ 1 Dηω {ξ} ρ ξ−η −ω e−L(ξ)t = |η| sν ξ ξ ξ−η −ω δ+ρ−1 ≤ C |η| |y| ∂ ρ {y} y ∂y ρ−1 + ρ |y| e−L(y)t dy sν dy ≤ C ξ and then for all t ≥ 1 changing the variables ξ = t− δ ξ, η = t− δ η, and 1 y = t− δ y we get 1 Dηω {ξ} ρ ξ sν ξ−η −ω e−L(ξ)t ≤ C |η| e−Ct|y| δ 1 δ+ρ−1 ρ−1 t |y| + ρ |y| dy ξ ≤ Ct ω−ρ δ |η| ξ−η −ω e−C |y| δ δ+ρ−1 |y| ρ−1 + ρ |y| dy ≤ Ct ω−ρ δ ξ where ω < δ if ρ = 0 and ω < ρ if ρ > 0. 81) for all t > 0. 77) yields the third estimate of the lemma. 76) we obtain the fourth estimate of the lemma G (t) ϕ ρ+ω ≤ |ξ| ≤ C |ξ| ≤C t = |ξ| e−tL(ξ) (ϕ (ξ) − ϕ (0)) ρ Aρ,p e−tL(ξ) Dξω ϕ (0) ρ+ω e−tL(ξ) 1 − δ1 (ρ+ω+ p ) Lp (|ξ|≤1) ξ Lp (|ξ|≤1) ξ ϕ Lp (|ξ|≤1) ξ Dηω ϕ (0) L∞ (|η|≤1) ξ Γ0,0 ω for ρ + ω ≥ 0 if p = ∞ and for ρ + ω + 1 p > 0 if 1 ≤ p < ∞.

Let the initial data u0 ∈ Lp (Rn ) ∩ L1,a (Rn ), with a ∈ (0, 1] and p > 2k > n2 (σ + 1) with some integer k. 13). 23) is true. Proof. First let us estimate the L1 norm of the solution. Denote S (t, x) = 1 for all u (t, x) > 0 and S (t, x) = −1 for all u (t, x) < 0; S (t, x) = 0 for u (t, x) = 0. 13) by S (t, x) and integrate with respect to x over Rn to get σ+1 |u (t, x)| ut (t, x) S (t, x) dx = λ Rn + dx Rn ∆u (t, x) S (t, x) dx. 31) . 32) xk :u(t,xk )=0 we get d u (t) L1 ≤ 0. 13) by 2u, then integrating with respect to x ∈ Rn we get d u (t) dt 2 L2 = −2 ∇u (t) 2 L2 + λ u (t) σ+2 Lσ+2 .

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