Asian Industrialization and Africa: Studies in Policy by Howard Stein PDF

By Howard Stein

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Drawing on case-studies from the industrialization of East and Southeast Asian international locations, this article significantly examines the structural adjustment guidelines utilized in Africa because the Eighties. The Asian state reviews contain Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Meiji Japan.

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192-203). The recognition of this point is not new to the Bank and was emphasized in its 1989 report on Sub-Saharan Africa (World Bank, 1989a, pp. 77-84). However, the Bank seems to ignore the conflict between demand managed stabilization aimed at meeting fiscal and monetary targets in Africa and the need for supply inducing government expenditures such as increasing investment in education. So far, the emphasis has been on austerity and stabilization with consequences discussed below. Despite the Bank's comment that 'public, spending on health and education did not decline in the adjustment period' (World Bank, 1994, p.

As they more explicitly put it 'export growth came from smaller firms and from agriculture, guided by market incentives, not by government' (Lindauer and Roemer, 1993, p. 25 There are some obvious problems with this approach. First, it is not clear what the difference is between their perceived model of Southeast Asia and the structural adjustment policies used in Africa since the early 1980swith such problematic results. Second there is some question about their representation of the Southeast Asian experience.

Rules have centered on economic performance, primarily a well-understood imperative to export. Referees , the government officials who have designed and supervised the contests, have been generally competent and fair. (p. 94) 27. I thank Chris Edwards for pointing this out in his comments on a draft of this chapter. 28. Lindauer and Roemer emphatically concur: 'For Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, intervention has been tried and failed' (1993, p. 13). 29. To once again quote Sanjaya Lall: There cannot be any 'quick fixes' for the problems of African industrialization.

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