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By Michael J. Pellowski

Archie's Double Digest #164 - November 2005

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And one of them, named Sheffield, a mercer, 'and they went on land to refresh themselves. And one of them, named Sheffield, a fabric-dealer,' cam in to an hows and axed [aksed] for mete, and specyally he axyd after eggys. came into a house and asked for meat, and especially he asked after eggs. ' And the goode wyf answerede. that she coude no frenshe. lind the good woman answered that she could no French. ' And the marchaunt was angry. for he also coude speke no frenshe. ' [NOTE: coude = 'was able to, knew (how to)'] but wolde haue hadde eggesl and she vnderstode hym not I but would have had eggs; and she understood him not.

The same change is seen in Proto-Gennanic *hulnis (from Proto-Indo-European *kolnis) > Old English hyll > Modem English hill 'hill', Old English myln > Modem English mill 'mill' (ultimately a loan in English from Vulgar Latin mulina 'mill'; compare French moulin and Spanish molina 'mill'). (2) In Finnish, an n assimilates totally to an I, r, or s in a preceding morpheme, as in kuul-nut > kuullut 'heard', pur-nut> purrut 'bitten', nous-nut> noussut 'risen' (-nut 'past participle'). 3 Partial contact regressive assimilation (1) Proto-Indo-European *swep-no- > Latin somnus 'sleep'.

Dissimilation is much rarer and is usually not regular (is sporadic), though dissimilation can be regular. Dissimilation often happens at a distance (is non-adjacent), though contact dissimilations are not uncommon. The following examples illustrate these various sorts of dissimilatory changes. (1) English dialects dissimilate the sequence of two nasals in the word chimney> chim(b)ley. (2) Instances of multiple occurrences of r within a word are often sporadically dissimilated in Romance languages; for example, sequences of Ir .

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