Download e-book for kindle: Archie Comics 160 (December 1965) by Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit,

By Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit, Samm Schwartz

Archie Comics #160 - December 1965

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After Nepal’s defeat in 1816, the dilemma was posed again in an acute form but Bhimsen Thapa, the dominant figure in Nepalese politics since 1806 and the key advocate of war in 1814, found the solution in playing both ends against the middle. He presented himself to his own countrymen as a bulwark against the East India Company and to the Company as the man who could persuade his countrymen to keep the peace. He strictly observed the terms of the 1816 Treaty of Sagauli, including the acceptance of a British Resident, but the peace was a cold one.

P. 145. , p. 154. , p. 172. Hodgson MS, Bodleian Library, Book 9. Ibid. H. Hodgson with MSS amendments by Hodgson; RAS Archive Box 1. Harold Lee, Brothers in the Raj, Oxford: OUP, 2002, pp. 100–102 gives a full account of this. Henry Lawrence Papers 5A, p. 135, OIOC, British Library. Herbert Edwardes and Herman Merivale, Life of Sir Henry Lawrence, London: Smith and Elder, 1872, vol. 1, p. 470. Hodgson MS, Bodleian Library, Book 10. Ibid. I am indebted to Harihar Joshi for initially pointing this out.

H. Hodgson, ‘Sketch of Buddhism’, TRAS, vol. 2, 1828, reprinted in Essays on the Language, Literature and Religion of Nepal and Tibet, London: Trübner, 1874. Lopez goes into the development of this paper in detail in Chapter 4. 12 There have been many recent publications on the significance of the Orientalists and the contribution that they made to learning – it is not necessary for the purposes of this book to cover the ground again except where there are specific issues relevant to Hodgson. 13 See Ann Datta (Chapter 7) for further information about the role of the Asiatic Society and its contacts with professionals in zoological sciences in the UK.

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Archie Comics 160 (December 1965) by Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit, Samm Schwartz

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