Read e-book online Apprentice Alf DRM Removal Tools and Calibre Plugin 6.3.3, PDF


* You shouldn't have to obtain this except you're importing retail Kindle books, otherwise you have to unencumber Kindle leases. obtain the legitimate model from the following in its place:

* Do now not use the reviews right here for support. Use the help thread at

* when you've got an issue with the plugin, cost to work out if the normal plugin has an identical challenge before you publish. If it does, use the overall educational thread for help, or publish a github factor, since it has not anything to do with this patched plugin.

* don't use the aid thread to invite for updates. Updates are made while I cause them to. (Notably, I frequently wait at least every week after an legitimate liberate, to ensure there's no longer one other bugfix unlock a couple of days in a while -- as simply occurred with either 6.3.1 and 6.3.2)

Release Notes:

Changes in 6.3.3:
* a brief malicious program repair for the plugin while first getting the Kindle for PC/Mac key.

Changes in 6.3.2:
* Documentation (in the assistance dossier) for the Kindle for Android improvements.
* extra translations further to the obok plug-in.

Changes in 6.3.1:
* help for purchasing decryption keys for Kindle for Android records from a backup.ab dossier.
* The .pobi Kindle dossier extension may still now be famous via all instruments.
* a few of the key scripts may still now paintings as stand-alone TkInter script back.
* the various log messages should still now be clearer.
* Minor typo fixes within the documentation.

As constantly, when you are not doing retail Kindle uploads or unlocking Kindle leases, you don't want this; you should use the normal toolkit at once from Apprentice Alf.

However, when you are doing Kindle retail uploads or have to release Kindle leases, you should use this in preference to the traditional Apprentice Alf standalone instruments and/or Calibre plugin.

Why? as the inventory instruments don't get rid of watermarks from decoded MOBI and AZW3 documents, this means that there's deciding on info (the "atv:kin1:" watermark header) on your retail uploads that hyperlink again in your Amazon account. even supposing up to now no one has been banned or sued after being pointed out during this method (that we all know of), the knowledge is on your uploads except you get rid of it. (Also, the inventory instruments don't aid removal DRM from Kindle leases or particular types of loans.)

This torrent is largely just like the off-the-shelf Apprentices toolkit, other than that every replica of "" within the home windows app, Macintosh app, and Calibre plugins were patched to do the watermark removing and to release leases. And, considering that those are source-only adjustments, you could simply make certain the code adjustments for your self via evaluating the contents of this torrent with the traditional instruments from Apprentice Alf. (Note that one of many patched records is contained in the Calibre plugin zipfile.)

To set up and use, follow the traditional directions for fitting the Apprentices DRM tools, on Apprentice Alf's weblog or within the Tutorials discussion board right here. which means you want to unzip this dossier first. don't try and set up it as a Calibre plugin, the plugin is a dossier named "DeDRM_calibre_plugin/" that's inside the "" file.

Please be aware that in case you have any older models of the Calibre plugin(s) put in, you must uninstall or disable them all ahead of fitting this model. At one aspect, there have been a number of plugins for various codecs, however the newest instruments have just a unmarried plugin for all codecs, and when you have either the outdated and new ones lively even as, it isn't assured that the correct plugins will truly method the file.

(It's additionally very important to notice that those instruments only get rid of the watermark while a Kindle publication is first imported to Calibre, or unlocked utilizing the home windows or Macintosh apps; they won't eliminate watermarks from records you will have already imported or switched over, and naturally it's too overdue to do whatever approximately any Kindle retail uploads you've already performed the following or elsewhere.)

For additional info and questions, there's a discussion board thread the following:

My coverage on liberating New Versions

I will more often than not be liberating new types inside of a few month of the most recent replace to the normal toolkit, even though it'll most likely be a lot faster than that almost all of the time. So, please don't publish reviews the following or at the boards approximately new models of the toolkit! All that might accomplish is tense me, and if i'm frustrated, i'll most likely put off engaged on it.

If it's been every week or considering that an replace got here out, and also you are actually being held up from uploading a retail Kindle booklet because the present model doesn't work and the hot model does, then be at liberty to ship me a PM.

The mere truth, notwithstanding, re-creation is out doesn't warrant bothering me or a person else approximately it!

A hyperlink to the latest torrent will continually be came upon on the best of the discussion board thread above.


Tip: the best way to Get Notified whilst The instruments Are Updated

1. visit
2. positioned "DRM Applications" within the "Label" field
3. placed "drm removal" within the "Tags" box (skip the others)
4. fee the "Applications" checkbox, then click on "Add filter"

This may still notify you at once while any new DRM removing purposes are uploaded, together with in fact those tools.


Note: models of this package deal just before 6.0.7-1 have an issue with unlocked .azw3 documents crashing a few e-ink Kindles. while you are utilizing a model older than 6.0.7-1, please replace to a more moderen model sooner than your subsequent retail upload!

(For additional information at the challenge, and the way to mend it in already-unlocked documents, see this thread:

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Read Online or Download Apprentice Alf DRM Removal Tools and Calibre Plugin 6.3.3, patched for Kindle Rentals & Watermark Removal PDF

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