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By Roy W. Tess and Gary W. Poehlein (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841208913

ISBN-13: 9780841208919

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ISBN-13: 9780841211155

Content material: A century of polymer technology and expertise / Herman F. Mark -- advent to polymer technological know-how and expertise / Charles E. Carraher, Jr. and Raymond B. Seymour -- Anionic polymerization / Maurice Morton -- Coordinated anionic polymerization and polymerization mechanisms / Frederick J. Karol -- contemporary advancements in cationic polymerization / Virgil Percec -- Emulsion polymerization / Gary W. Poehlein -- New advancements and developments in free-radical polymerization / George E. Ham -- Condensation polymerization and polymerization mechanisms / I.K. Miller and J. Zimmerman -- Block polymers and similar fabrics / N.R. Legge, S. Davison, H.E. De l. a. Mare, G. Holden, and M.K. Martin -- Multicomponent polymer structures / Norbert Platzer -- Structure-property relationships in polymers / Turner Alfrey, Jr. -- delivery houses of polymers / D.R. Paul -- Fracture mechanics of polymers / K.L. Devries and R.J. Nuismer -- Flammability of polymers / Y.P. Khanna and E.M. Pearce -- The plastic : economics and end-use markets / R.A. Mccarthy -- Polyolefins / Frank M. Mcmillan -- Polystyrene and styrene copolymers / William David Watson and Ted C. Wallace -- Poly(vinyl chloride) / Roy T. Gottesman and Donald Goodman -- Fiber-forming polymers / Michael J. Drews, Robert H. Barker, and John D. Hatcher -- Foamed plastics / Rudolph D. Deanin -- Engineering thermoplastics : chemistry and know-how / Daniel W. Fox and Edward N. Peters -- Polymers and the expertise of electric insulation / J.H. Lupinski -- clinical functions of polymers / Charles G. Gebelein -- Resins for aerospace / Clayton A. may well -- Polymer processing / Nick R. Schott and Robert Malloy -- Plasticizers / J.K. Sears, N.W. Touchette, and J.R. Darby -- Theories of solvency and resolution / P.E. Rider -- Solvents / Roy W. Tess -- Spectroscopic tools in examine and research of coatings and plastics / Clara D. Craver -- Electron microscopy in coatings and plastics learn / L.H. Princen -- Rheology of film-forming drinks / Raymond R. Myers and Carl J. Knauss -- An advent to corrosion keep watch over through natural coatings / R.A. Dickie -- equipment of software of coatings / Emery P. Miller -- Electrodeposition of paint / George E.F. Brewer -- Curing equipment for coatings / Vincent D. Mcginnis and Gerald W. Gruber -- The coatings : economics and end-use markets / Joseph W. Prane -- equipment coatings / Thomas J. Miranda -- Polymer coatings for optical fibers / L.L. Blyler, Jr. and C.J. Aloisio -- Epoxy resins / R.S. Bauer -- Chemistry and know-how of polyamide resins from dimerized fatty acids / Michael A. Laudise -- Urethane coatings / Kurt C. Frisch and Panos Kordomenos -- Chemistry and expertise of acrylic resins for coatings / W.H. Brendley and R.D. Bakule -- Cellulose acetate and similar esters / Larry G. Curtis and James D. Crowley -- Nitrocellulose, ethylcellulose, and water-soluble cellulose ethers / Rufus F. Wint and Kathryn G. Shaw -- Amino resins / L.L. Williams, I.H. Updegraff, and J.C. Petropoulos -- Resins and ingredients containing silicon / Shelby F. Thames -- Chemistry and expertise of phenolic resins and coatings / J.S. Fry, C.N. Merriam, and W.H. Boyd -- Tall oil and naval shops / Yun Jen and E.E. Mcsweeney -- Chemistry and know-how of alkyd and saturated reactive polyester resins / H.J. Lanson -- Vinyl resins utilized in coatings / Russell A. Park -- Bituminous coatings / Stephen H. Alexander -- Opaque white pigments in coatings / Fred B. Stieg -- colour pigments / Lawrence R. Lerner and Max Saltzman -- Paint manufacture / Louie F. Sanguinetti

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1936, 69, 424-6. "Compilation of ASTM Standard Definitions"; American Society for Testing and M a t e r i a l s : P h i l a d e l p h i a . E l i a s , H. ; Pethrick, R. "Polymer Yearbook"; Harwood Academic: New York, 1984; Chap. 1. Hall, C. "Polymer Materials"; Macmillan: New York, 1981; pp. 184-7. Macromolecules 1973, 6(2), 149-54. Bibliography Aggarwal, S. L . "Block Copolymers"; Plenum: New York, 1970. A l b r i g h t , L . F. "Processes f o r M a j o r - A d d i t i o n - T y p e P l a s t i c s and Their Monomers"; McGraw-Hill: New York, 1974.

Thus, a shear modulus (G) w i l l u s u a l l y be used i n p l a c e of Young's modulus of e l a s t i c i t y (E). Hooke's law for shear i s g i v e n i n Equation 38. 6 G at temperatures below T . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1985. 35 36 A P P L I E D P O L Y M E R SCIENCE s = (38) The v i s c o u s component i s dominant i n l i q u i d s , thus t h e i r f l o w p r o p e r t i e s can be d e s c r i b e d by Newton's law (Equation 39) which s t a t e s t h a t the a p p l i e d s t r e s s S i s p r o p o r t i o n a l to the r a t e of s t r a i n dy/dt, but i s independent of the s t r a i n y or a p p l i e d v e l o c i t y gradient.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1985. 2. C A R R A H E R A N D SEYMOUR Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology t i o n s , e x t r a p o l a t i o n of the measurements to i n f i n i t e d i l u t i o n i s normally practiced. Molecular Weight D i s t r i b u t i o n . Polymer properties are dependent on both average chain length and d i s t r i b u t i o n of chain lengths. Curves such as F i g u r e 2 are now u s u a l l y determined by g e l permeation c h r o m a t o g r a p h y (GPC).

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