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By Isabelle Giroux PhD RD BEd PHEc

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This article engages scholars in actions that placed their wisdom of scientific food into motion and get ready them for perform in any medical surroundings. It serves as a pragmatic academic source in scientific nutrients that enhances the vintage textbooks and references commonly used within the box of dietetics. on the middle of this textbook are case reviews and studying actions. those routines not just inspire scholars to perform and advance their talents, additionally they ask scholars to discover assets they'll use as practitioners, together with many from the yank Dietetic organization and Dietitians of Canada.

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Pressure receptors on the pharynx are stimulated by the bolus, which is then forced by the tongue into the back of the mouth, which triggers a swallow. E. The tongue pushes the bolus further back into the pharynx, and the bolus tilts the epiglottis down to cover the entrance of the larynx. F. A peristaltic wave carries the bolus through the esophagus toward the stomach. G. As the bolus moves into the pharynx, the uvula goes up and lodges against the back wall of the pharynx, preventing food and fluid from entering the nasal cavity.

Qxd 3/28/07 1:01 PM Page 39 2 . 2 Physiology of the Alimentary Tract INTRODUCTION Now that you can picture the anatomy of the alimentary tract (gastrointestinal tract), this section will help you understand what it does in action! You will discover the physiology of the alimentary tract in response to feeding. In other words, you will see how it processes the different foods you eat into their smallest components, the nutrient molecules, which can then be used by your body. You will see how the different organs and accessory glands of the alimentary tract work together as a coordinated team to fulfill two main functions: digest ingested food and absorb extracted nutrients.

B) Identify its different parts. c) Afterward, color - the organs forming the tubular structure of the alimentary tract in red, - the accessory organs and glands secreting digestive substances into the alimentary tract in blue, and - the sphincters and valves of the alimentary tract in green. qxd 36 3/28/07 1:01 PM Page 36 A P P L I C AT I O N S A N D C A S E S T U D I E S I N C L I N I C A L N U T R I T I O N 2. Challenge your knowledge of the anatomy of the stomach by identifying its different parts, muscular layers, mucosal lining, and glands on the following figures.

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