Download e-book for iPad: Anodic Oxidation by Sidney D. Ross, Manuel Finkelstein and Eric J. Rudd (Eds.)

By Sidney D. Ross, Manuel Finkelstein and Eric J. Rudd (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 012597650X

ISBN-13: 9780125976503

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The constant current source may be an arrangement of a variable resistor in series with several 45 V batteries or alternatively a commercially available power supply. TIME Fig. 4. A chronopotentiogram for a simple electrode reaction. 3. Other Electrochemical Methods 54 Platinum, gold, or carbon electrodes are used in the chronopotentiometric studies of anodic processes and, as in polarography, the hanging mercury drop electrode has been particularly useful in the studies of cathodic reactions. A problem that arises with the solid electrode is the question of the electrode pretreatment.

The circuit used in cyclic voltammetric studies is a modification of that used for potentiostatic steady-state current-potential studies. The triangular waveform is superimposed on the working electrode through the potentiostat and the current-potential profile is recorded directly on an X-Y recorder or oscilloscope. Studies of cathodic reactions have been carried out at a dropping mercury electrode, but it is essential that the change in the surface area of the mercury drop is negligible during the recording of the complete current-potential (i-E) profile.

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Anodic Oxidation by Sidney D. Ross, Manuel Finkelstein and Eric J. Rudd (Eds.)

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