New PDF release: Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 Volumes)

By David Noel Freedman

Six years within the making, this cutting-edge dictionary bargains the main up to date and complete therapy of biblical matters and scholarship. a vital reference for each severe reader of the Bible.

B & W illustrations and line-art all through.

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See Yahwist ("J") Source 3:591 Jaakan (PERSON) + 3:591 Jaakobah (PERSON) 3:591 Jaala (PERSON) 3:591 Jaar (PLACE) + 3:591 Jaareshiah (PERSON) 3:591-592 Jaasiel (PERSON) 1-2 3:592 Jaasu (PERSON) 3:592 Jaazaniah (PERSON) 1-4 + 3:592-593 Jaaziah (PERSON) 3:593 Jaaziel (PERSON) 3:593 Jabal (PERSON) + 3:593 Jabbok (PLACE) + 3:593-594 Jabesh (PERSON) 3:594 Jabesh-Gilead (PLACE) + 3:594-595 Jabez (PERSON) 3:595 Jabez (PLACE) 3:595 Jabin (PERSON) 1-2 3:595-596 Jabneel (PLACE) 1-2 3:596 Jabneh (PLACE). See Jabneel (PLACE); Jamnia (Jabneh), Council of Jacan (PERSON) 3:596-597 Jachin (PERSON) 1-3 + 3:597 Jachin and Boaz + 3:597-598 Jackal.

See Folklore in the Ancient Near East Face + Faience. See Jewelry, Ancient Israelite Fair Havens (PLACE) + Faith: Old Testament + New Testament + Faith of Christ + Falcon. See Zoology (Fauna) False Apostles + False Christs Family + Famine + Fara (North), Tell el-. See Tirzah (PLACE) 2:676 Wheeler, Frank E. 2:676-677 Wallace, Howard N. 2:677-678 2:678-679 2:679 2:679 Knauf, Ernst Axel Watson, Duane F. Watson, Duane F. Sack, Ronald H. 2:679-680 Ronen, Avraham 2:680-681 Danker, Frederick William 2:681-682 Redford, Donald B.

Golden Gate. See Beautiful Gate (PLACE) Golden Rule + 2:1070-1071 Collins, Raymond F. ; Elliott, Dietlinde M. ) Goliath (PERSON) + 2:1073-1074 Ehrlich, Carl S. Gomer (PERSON) 1-2 2:1074 Baker, David W. Gomorrah (PLACE). See Sodom and Gomorrah (PLACES) Good (NT) + 2:1074-1075 Collins, Raymond F. Goose. See Zoology (Fauna) 2:1075 Gopher Wood. See Flora 2:1075 Gorgias (PERSON) 2:1075-1076 Rappaport, Uriel Gortyna (PLACE) + 2:1076 Hardwick, Michael E. Goshen (PLACE) + 2:1076-1077 Ward, William A. Gospel Genre + 2:1077-1079 Vorster, Willem S.

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