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The objective of this publication is to offer a short and straight forward, but rigorous, presentation of the rudiments of the so-called idea of Viscosity recommendations which applies to totally nonlinear 1st and second order Partial Differential Equations (PDE). For such equations, really for second order ones, recommendations as a rule are non-smooth and conventional techniques that allows you to outline a "weak resolution" don't practice: classical, robust nearly far and wide, vulnerable, measure-valued and distributional suggestions both don't exist or would possibly not also be outlined. the most explanation for the latter failure is that, the traditional notion of utilizing "integration-by-parts" to be able to move derivatives to soft attempt services by way of duality, isn't really to be had for non-divergence constitution PDE.

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It follows that ε-semiconvex functions can be geometrically characterised as those whose graph can be touched from below by a paraboloid of curvature 1/ε at every point of their domain of definition which lies below the graph of the function. See Fig. 4. 52 4 Mollification of Viscosity Solutions and Semiconvexity Fig. 3 Supporting hyperplanes to (the epigraph of) a convex function Fig. 4 A depiction of a semiconvex function Remark 5 Semiconvexity is a sort of “1-sided C 1,1 regularity ”. Indeed, a function u belongs to the Lipschitz space C 1,1 (Ω) = W 2,∞ (Ω) for a Lipschitz domain Ω if and only if there is an M > 0 such that, for any x, z ∈ Ω, u(z + x) − u(x) − Du(x) · z ≤ M|z|2 .

3) defines a pointwise notion of derivative, but the problem is that if merely u ∈ C 0 (Ω), then (Du(x), D 2 u(x)) may not exist anywhere in Ω !!! We rectify this problem by “splitting the notion to two one-sided halves”: Definition 4 (Generalised Pointwise Derivatives) Let u ∈ C 0 (Ω), Ω ⊆ Rn and x ∈ Ω. 6) and J 2,− u(x) := ( p, X ) ∈ Rn × S(n) u(z + x) ≥ u(x) + p · z + as z → 0, we have : 1 X : z ⊗ z + o(|z|2 ) . 7) We call J 2,+ u(x) the 2nd order Super-Jet of u at x and J 2,− u(x) the 2nd order Sub-Jet of u at x.

Definition 1 (Sup-/Inf-Convolution Approximations) Let Ω given. 1) |x − y|2 , x ∈ Ω. 2) We call u ε the sup-convolution of u and u ε the inf-convolution of u. Remark 2 Geometrically, the sup-convolution of u at x is defined as follows: we “bend downwards” the graph of u near x by subtracting the paraboloid | · −x|2 /2ε which is centred at x. Then, u ε (x) is defined as the maximum of the “bent” function y → u(y) − |x − y|2 . 2ε The convergence u ε → u that we will establish rigorously later, can be seen geometrically as follows: the factor 1/ε of the paraboloid increases its curvature and makes it more and more steep as ε → 0.

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